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Saturday, December 13, 2008

To whoever even bothers to follow my blog, I hardly had the time(or just plain lazy if you wanna put it that way) to update it. What suddenly made me feel like blogging again?
Well here I am, sitting infront of my PC waiting for a video streaming to finish loading while scrolling through my long list of random songs and just had NO idea what songs to play. Somehow I stopped at a once-overplayed-on-radio-song-which-i-dislike 'Hinder-Lips of an Angel' (its sucha curang song) and decided to play it. It brought back memories (random memories of stuff).
And suddenly I thought; "What the heck happened to my blog???"

Here I am now, typing, crap. As usual.

Just to recap on stuff that has happened for the past 3-4 months.
**NOTE**: Its when I have been away being goddamn busy with college life.sheeesh.
Went through college like usual. Somehow even more busy. Motion graphic was fun.Most enjoyed class. Video; OMG!Tiring. But shooting time was nice even with the bad weather and the occasional obstacles. Yunzi our main actor was fun. Design Method 3; worked with Selvia.Nice time working with her, the discussions and cracking of heads for ideas.3D; HAHAHA!Laughed so much in class. Kenny is sucha fun lecturer to be with, for both 3D and video.Though I know he has been VERY patient with us in video class.SORRY kenny if we were menyusahkan! >.<. Then, there was... Branding?. . . No comment. =.=

Oh! but the KEY event for us during this term was, OUR MOST RANDOM ACT EVER; TRIP TO PD! Yurp. It was totally random of us. TOO random. We were just chatting online, our 'small' talk and shit. Somehow we started on about BBQ, then Selvia said she wants to go to the beach. When combined; nearest beach(PD)+ BBQ = BBQ @ PD!
Then all the talk about the accommodation and stuff, and the date was suddenly set! I didnt think it would work out, but it eventually did. During the middle of the term some more!!!
Was too fun. Being on the road with my friends and all. =)
Ah well, the next round, maybe Perhentian? Sarawak? Cambodia? teeheee. =P

♥Bid Farewell

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oooh yeaah.

Forgot to inform that Im back from Thailand. har har. =P

I survived. We thought our flight would get cancelled. My aunt even suggested to take the 7hr bus ride to bangkok. but THANK GOD WE DIDNT!!
Found out, (on a VERY last minute basis) that our flight was the first one out to KL. We all thought we wont be going back, so my cousin and I were nicely relaxing after a hot bath on the bed and watched Meet Bill(NOT dave) and all of a sudden someone(I forgot who, it was too hectic) said our flight will be flying out. CEHH!
In my whoooole life, this is DEFINITELY the most rushed, tiring, panic-ing, adventurous(according to my aunt) holiday. well the departure part that is. The days before that, quite good. Minus the rain.

Well, the day we arrived, (which was 27th august,if im not mistaken) it was eaaaarly in the morning. it wasnt even 9 yet, and in thailand, it would be 7 something, IN THE MORNING! fooooo...AirAsia, why do u do this to me?
Anyways, we got the driver, and we started off with the 1 1/2 hr ride to the hotel. And I still didnt feel like I was in Thailand. (felt like i was in Kelantan)
We got there, and like, WOAH! niiiiiiice. really really nice hotel. Uncle Chuck really made the hotel look good! SERIOUSLY!

Because of all the rain and all, we kept staying in the room. Ordered room service. And trips to the SPA. tehee. My first time. and it felt gooooood. Thai massage? ZEE BEST!
the second round they had a package massage+facial. So the massage was good, the facial? COLD!!!!! It was good at first, then suddenly she placed this uber cold cucumber over my whole face!it was like she was putting ice!and somehow i felt paralyzed and couldnt say anything to make her stop putting that cold thing. that DEFINITELY woke me up. @.@

then came the SHOPPING SPREE DAY! We all took a trip to Phuket town.Stopped first at Central. Where, the three of us(sis,miriam, & I) couldnt afford to shop there.Was just like a normal shopping mall. After that, we went to another mall,(but WAY nicer!) JunkCeylon, if im not mistaken.It was near Patong Beach, and next to it were the small shops. SHOPPING TIME! could bargain with them like crazy!hehehe.
We had a blast. Was there till dinner time. Ate at this place, a branch out of the Blue Elephant restaurant.Suppose to be a famous place, but I DONT KNOW.

For the last 2 days, the sun finally came out. Lazing by the beach. Swimming in the cool water. WUUUUUUU!! I looooove the beach. Need it every now and then. Thats my spa. teehee.

Then the last day, well, we thought we won't be going home since the airport is closed and all. So cousin Miriam and I nicely took our slow shower and stayed in bed to watch this movie called 'Meet Dave'. Not bad btw.

And SUDDENLY, it was like almost 7pm or so, my mom burst into the room and said that we better get ready bcuz SUDDENLY the airport opened and our flight is the first one out! i mean... WTH!?? oh, we were suppose to check in at 7:30, and it takes about an hour atleast to get to the airport from our hotel.

The driver who drove us started drifting through the swirly road. And the sunset was so beautiful that day. Sad.

So we made it on time, THANK GOD, and there we were. At the airport, checking in our baggages within the packed airport filled with all sorts of tourists. It was an experience not to be forgotten.

I have never been so glad to be back in Malaysia. =)

♥Bid Farewell

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reporting from Le Meridien,Khao Lak, Thailand

Yes, Im in Thailand now. And today is suppose to be my last night over here. But now, Im not too sure. Because, I found out that somehow, the phuket airport is being locked down. No flights can fly in and out. Think its something to do with the demonstrations by the people and all.Bout the government and stuff like that.

Even my aunt who is suppose to leave to Bangkok tonight couldnt since the airport is closed. Loads of people are stranded and all. And now, we're not even sure if we can fly out tomorrow.

YIKES! I dont want to start my puasa month over heeeere. WORST place!
With all the good food and all.wuuuuu.

But shopping would be a plus point. good therapy. Eventhough its in Patong Beach, about 1 1/2 hr drive from our place. Sheeesh. splurged 2,000 baht over there. (and im still wanting more.NOT satisfied)

Well ok...Gotta go already. just came back from a gooood,looooong spa treatment.

(and I need to steal my mom's hairbrush before she gets back from her session.) =P

will report more once I get back. (IF i get back.teehee)

♥Bid Farewell

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I keep forgetting about the trip to Thailand. And just realized its not in Malaysia therefore, it'll be ROAMING CALLS!

Im left with another, 6 hours till I have to leave the house for the airport. Now its 10pm, that means I have to leave for the airport at 4am!!! Geeez....i curse these international flights with AirAsia. -.-
The darn plane leaves at 7am. So what am I gonna be doing for the next, 2 hours?!?

My luggage bag is left open, and empty. Gosh. To think what to bring? for the next 5 days??? Difficult...

** I am currently thinking what songs to put on my IPOD**

Well to fill up this post.Let me just summarize the reason of going for this trip. (It was a really last minute thing by the way)
My aunt, Aunty Yam, has been asking my dad to bring us to Thailand and stay at her hotel(Meridien...dont playplay) in khau lak (im still thinking how its spelt).So she asked again and my dad finally decided to bring us there. (HOORAY!) In my family(as in from my dad's side) we were the only ones who havent been there. So yeah.might as well right. =)

Yeahh.So when we get back, it'll be a night flight. And the next day, PUASA! what a way to end your holidays huh?

Hrmm. Guess I'll be back and fasting! So if I cant get any internet connection there or Im just to blardy lazy to blog and enjoying myself too much, till then! =D

♥Bid Farewell

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is my nephew,(the one boy out of his three other sisters). The name's Ariff Hakimi. I call him Kimi. Somehow I can click/'control' the boy alil bit more easily than his female counterparts. probably because I can do anything rough; campak him here and there, and he's still laughing.

So a tahlil is basically a, err, 'ritual'(?)(i cant seem to find the right word,but gonna stick to tht for now) where people would come and read the Yassin(prayers and all) for the ones who had passed on.(in this case, for my late grandparents). so yes, I couldnt join in because of ehemehem, therefore I was in the kitchen with the rest of the ehemehem gang, somehow including my uncle from Singapore.(teehee..) And we took care of the nieces and nephew. I somehow got stuck with the nephew; Kimi. So yeah we played abit and all, told him to keep quiet if he was making too much of noise. Then we somehow ended up sitting near the entrance of the kitchen and watched as the others recite the yassin. Kimi somehow became a good boy and just sat at my lap,quietly. So I just relaxed. then my cousin(the mother) came with the youngest baby girl; Kira. Needed to change her diapers and all. so we just watched as she was doing her thing when suddenly, Kimi had to say it oh-so-loudly ;

"Eeee...tu...pe..pek.. Kiya (Kira)...." - (in english)- "Thats Kira's vagina..."

I just stared at him. And so did the maid. I saw some eyes from outside looking over towards us, but they just continued with the prayers.I tried to hold back my laughter. trying to register the fact that this is coming out of a one year old.

Well, we had the tahlil over at Abang Aish's house(which is right next to Mama's.but eyeah). Mom decided to leave early so that we could help out. Early is suppose to mean 2-3pm. But then early became 5:30. The rain and all. Cant be helped. So it was me, mom and Fadz. Drove to ampang point to get the fruits. (I just found out how to know if the honeydew is sweet. Smell its butt! direct translation of malay "bau bontot dia") Seriously.You can actually smell the sweetness! (dont do that to a person's butt to know how sweet he/she is alright. )

Then yeah.the tahlil went on and all. My uncle from Singapore, Chik Sheik, who joined us other ladies in the kitchen made a funny yet truthful statement;

"In Malaysia, if you called 10 people to come for a tahlil, atleast 7-8 people woul d know how to read the Yassin. If you call 10 people to come for a tahlil in Singapore, all 10 of them wont be able to read!"

which in his case, includes himself too. teehee. =P
Its funny how eventhough theyre just next door, it turns out like that.In my uncle's explanation, its just because majority of the population are chinese, and everyone would go all english over there. True I guess.

Anyways, everything ended around 10.(doesnt mean i get to go home at 10) ended up going back at 1am.how sleeeeeeepy. And it felt 'too' comfortable to sleep with my baju kurung.

♥Bid Farewell

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So what do sisters(who dont even look alike.probably from the major age gap of 7) do when they are freaking bored in the car and have to wait for people?

  1. open up my bag.
  2. dig up some stuff that might be an interesting piece at that moment.
  3. stares at the point-and-shoot Olympus camera in my grasp.

back to the camwhoring session.

testing camera "hantu way"

and we have successfully kidnapped the man at the back seat.

the big boss getting angry and she's planning on biting off my head

oh NO!WE've been spotted!

I say panic, she says "pop yay yay!"

And now she shall shoot me.


♥Bid Farewell

Thursday, August 21, 2008

well, it seems Im officially legal now. To do...whatever that above 18 can do.
yup. turned 18.finally, I can get my passport done on my own without my parent's signature.

Anyhow anywho. How my 18th birthday went?practically just another ordinary weekday. except that at midnight my family got me to blow off cupcakes(?) which I seriously had no idea it was arranged to look '18'.(really,you wouldnt notice.) Then, my cousin and khal came along.The presents?well from my dad he told me to get whatever I wanted(which he somehow insisted me to get a bag.dont ask.) and he'll pay for it.(ended up shopping at Robinsons.it was ok) From mum got myself a Paul Frank jacket(wuuuu expensive monkey) and a Fossil watch(superb nice!its not white,and its metal, so it wont get dirty.AT ALL!ekeke). Earlier I already received a present from Khal. Gave me a Flesh IMP long shirt(NICE!) which he bought during his trip to Singapore. And from the rest of the people, "ditangguh sehingga masa yang akan datang", or so they say. =P

Well, during my birthday, thought I wouldnt be doing anything. But then ms ure3ya made a last min plan and asked if I wanted to lepak at KLCC.(will do) got soph and fadz to come along. Apan and Vie came aswell.I came late.Had to wait for the bathroom ppl to finish things up(dont ask as well) We made alot of undecisive moves around KLCC.So we ended up heading to ampang point area and just ate at Naili's, and play some pool(its been awhile) and then bowling.After sending everyone back home it was already 1am or so?teehee.

Me and Vie

Nyek.Gilo kamo nih...

Sang Batman(apan) dan Si Joker(fadz)

Zee gang for the day

The next day was abang aish's birthday!! Yes, our birthdays are a day apart.Since I was young we would always celebrate together. Now, not so much. But yea, got a call from Baba(my uncle) asked me to drop by their house and celebrate with Abang. Roast chicken was superduper gillalistikally GOOD! YUMMY~ Didnt get to take pics from this day though. Teehee.

Yurpp. So thats how a brand new 18 year old feels like. Normal. Im still stuck in TOA. -.-

♥Bid Farewell



:is young & successfully living as a demented child.

:doesnt want to bcome a working adult.

:wants to get a motorbike licence before driving; which is never.

:is forever mistaken as an amoi.(it would be an easier xplanation if I was mixed)

:is saying this as a 3rd person cause she wants to.so shut up & stick a pencil up your arse if you're complaining.


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